Pipes and Fittings

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Copper Pipe and Fittings

We supply copper pipe and fittings for drainage and hot or cold water services. Both hard and soft copper is available, depending on the required application. We also carry coiled copper pipe for gas lines. Solder and torches for installation of the copper pipe are also available.

Plastic Pipe & Fittings

We supply plastic pipe for both residential and commercial applications, of varying grades and sizes. Used mainly for drainage, we stock both ABS DWV and PVC DWV. We have all the fittings needed for connection of the piping. We also carry the solvents necessary for the connection of the piping. For more information on the solvents please visit the manufacturers websites.


Uponor is an international market leader, striving to provide better plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure solutions across Europe, North America.

IPEX Inc. designs and manufactures one of the world’s most diverse lines of integrated thermoplastic piping systems—pipe, valves, fittings, auxiliary components and tools—all engineered from the ground up to handle the full range of today’s municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications.
More than 50 years’ experience in plastics combined with progressive manufacturing technologies, efficient distribution centers and coast-to-coast customer support has made the IPEX name synonymous with quality, innovation and performance.


Makers of Plastic Pipe Solvents, as well as Wax seals, O-Rings, etc.

Other Pipe and Fittings Accessories
Fairview Fittings  and manufacturing offers quality industrial products, supplying industrial quality fittings, hose, couplings and controls.


ductmateDuctmate design and produce a myriad of HVAC connectors, doors, sealants and support systems. Ductmate is constantly adding items to accommodate new requirements and applications.

At Smith Stockley we also carry many alternative piping solutions for almost any need, including:

• Galvanized
• Cast Iron
• Stainless Steel
• Blueline and Brownline (for chemical/laboratory use)
• Glass (also for laboratory use)

For more information regarding any pipes and fittings products, please contact Justin Neil